Beyhive Invitation Accepted: I'm New to This But so True to This

This really could've just been a tweet but: I can't stop listening to Beyoncé, there is a force within my itunes account that just won't allow it. This isn't normal. I'm sure of it. I've been living, breathing and eating this album for the past six days. No matter how many times I say "I should listen to something else," it just doesn't happen. I seriously cannot remember what the hell I was listening to before this album came out. I'm not exaggerating and I'm really bothered -- what the hell was I listening to??? At this rate I may never know. This must be the beginning of standom. Can someone confirm the symptoms? Am I in the Beyhive or nah? I just don't know what the hell is going on anymore.

This has got to be the trillest shit ever. I've read countless articles about this album since it dropped, kept up with her record-breaking first week sales numbers and watched ALL 17 videos sitting in awe. Everyone just wants to know how? How did she do this? The world wants an explanation. I can't even lie, every time I listen to a song off this album I just shake my head in disgust and ask the same damn thing. How, Beyoncé? HOW!?

But when I really think about it, I hope she doesn't tell us how. I don't even want her to explain this shit. What's done is done and we will just have to deal. Her team is a gotdamn machine made up of people who clearly have the upmost respect, love and admiration for her. The fact that all these people (especially model, Shaun Ross, who didn't have to sign a NDA simply because he "knew better") -- didn't say one damn word is effing amazing. There are good people in this world. All hope in humanity has been restored. Thank you team Beyoncé!

So, Bey, girl, listen. I humbly accept your invitation into the Beyhive. Consider my $15.99 plus tax my initiation fee. I got you on membership dues whenever you decide to go back on tour. And I promise to learn all the lyrics and choreography for this era. You have my word. I may be new to this but I'm so true to this.


Serious Side-Eyes and Laughs Are in My Future

Soon, very soon, this time in my life will all be a distant memory. One day I will sit back and laugh at all the things I allowed myself to stress and obsess over. I might even take it a step further and give myself a serious side-eye for all the times I had "major breakdowns." Which in reality were adult temper tantrums and pity parties -- ri-damn-diculous. Ugh! I cannot wait to laugh about those moments. Some are sort-of funny now, others, mmmhhh ... not so much. I'll give those about, oh, I don't know, three to five years, I'm sure I'll be laughing by then.

Clearly I believe in doing hard time with my emotions. That's just me being dramatic. But seriously, shit gets real some times and it might seem like there are no signs of improvement, but there are. You just have to be patient and submit to the process. I hate to get all Oprah on you -- wait no I don't, Oprah be knowing -- but it's true. There's a method to the madness, you're in a certain space in life for a reason. In other words, trust the struggle, there's some beauty in that, believe it or not. Once you take a step back and evaluate the situation at hand, accepting your reality for what it is -- removing any blame you may have put on yourself -- life gets a tad bit easier.

It won't be smooth sailing but the water will appear calmer. Those moments of self-awareness and clarity will act as your reset button on life. Every now and then press the damn button and get a new perspective on life. I promise these moments will provide great awakenings if you allow them to.

Soon, very soon, we'll all be giving each other serious side-eyes and laughing at this crazy time in our lives. I think it's very important that you know that. It's also important that you know things will not always be like this. But it's even more important that you know you're not alone in this.

Serious side-eyes and laughs, people. The time will come.


One Year in Atlanta, NoVa Is Not the South and Other Ramblings

I'm back! And no, I don't have an excuse for my hiatus. I didn't plan on being gone for so long, it just kind of happened that way. If the spirit doesn't hit me, I simply can't write. I really hate that but it's really nothing I can do about it. I just have to sit and wait for my thoughts to connect with my fingers. Only then will we have what we have now, an authentic blog post that I didn't force or guilt myself into writing.

Feels good. I hope to one day get back to my glory days of being consistent on here. 

Now that we've got that out of the way, let's chat! I think I'm long overdue for an update. The timing couldn't be better, really. Especially, with it being June and all. We're half way through 2013, six more months to do whatever it is we claimed to do back in January. *rolls eyes*

Around this time last year, I was packing up my childhood bedroom and mentally preparing myself for an excruciating 10-hour drive from Virginia to Georgia. On June 11, I will have officially been living in Atlanta for one year, and I have a driving license to prove it. Don't ask me about my license plates, though. I still have Virginia plates and I plan on keeping it that way. Unless, I'm still here in 2014 when my tags expire. If I am here and decide to stay, I'll make the switch. Until then, viva VA all day!